've purchased property with the intention of renting it out, and/or you've decided to sell your rental's some helpful hints

Visit the Residential Tenancy Office website where you can obtain fact sheets and review the constantly changing formsrequired to end or modify a tenancy agreement, a generic online residential tenant application forma residential tenancy agreement, a fact sheet reviewing what you need to know when selling a tenanted propertya notice to end tenancies (for the Landlord)a notice to increase the rent, read through deposit information, plus a wealth of other information.

Or, check out the CMHC website, where you can obtain housing market information including forcasts and analysis for your desired area, statistics data, housing outlooks. Plus, homeowner and landlord information, and home-buying step-by-step process.

Alternatively, check out the GVRD (Greater Vancouver Regional District) website for key facts and monthly indicators.

Join the BC Apartment Owners and Managers Association and learn from other owners and property managers all the ins and outs of owning investment property.

Consider getting a background check on your potential tenant, and a credit check.

And once your first tenant is moving out....well, you'll have to calculate what the interest is on the deposit. Here's a link to the Government of BC's deposit interest calculator.