After you write your offer...

After your offer is accepted, you'll follow a step-by-step process to complete your purchase or sale.

Step-by-step process for buyers:

You probably won't pay your deposit amount until you remove some or all of your subject clauses. Once you do pay your deposit, it will be held in trust, at your Realtor's office, until completion date.

Now what? Listed below are the steps you'll take to complete your real estate transaction, together with fees associated with this transaction. (Note: these are estimated prices only and are merely stated to give you an idea of what your closing costs may be).

The first few steps will be in follow-up to the subject clauses you have in your contract, and they're pretty standard. You'll want to do everything that's required to remove your subject clauses in a timely manner. These are the most usual subject clauses that you'll have to work on removing:

  • Arrange suitable financing (if applicable), {find out what your mortgage broker or bank requires from you. Minutes of meetings? An appraisal?
  • Approve and review the Property Disclosure Statement, (upon listing his home, the seller had to disclose pertinent information about the property, and this is all listed on a Property Disclosure Statement. You, as purchaser, will have to review this sheet and sign the bottom acknowledging that you've received it)
  • Approve and review a title search on the property (done on most property upon listing it for sale and your lawyer or notary will review this information with you upon completion),
  • Call your insurance representative and ensure you can obtain insurance on the property. Here's my representative: Columbia Insurance here in New West at 604-527-1377. Call and give them your potential address and see what the cost of insurance would be on the property (most of us pay monthly), and ensure there's no 'red flags' (problems on record with the building) on file for this property.

and the following will apply if this is a strata property purchase:

  • Approve and review all strata documentation (which includes a copy of the Form B (Information Certificate from the property management company), registered strata plan {if available}, current bylaws and financial statements, minutes of any meetings {often for the last two years at least}, and any other pertinent information.
  • Arrange to have the home inspected. You'll need to locate a home inspector. Use the following website to assist you in locating a home inspector:

Some I've used in the past and that come highly recommended are:

Company Name

Inspector's Name

Phone Number


Above Grade Home Inspections Inc. Ryan Kadow

Phone: 604-831-3644
Fax: 604-949-0063

Haystack Home Inspections Inc.

Chris Thompson

Phone: 604-734-4700

West Coast Professional Building
Reports Ltd.
Stan Chubey Phone: 604-532-0272 Four man inspection team (carpenter,
electricia, plumber, inspector) done
in just over an hour. Call Stan for further details. 
Avalanche Building Inspectors
(Div. of TL Gosling Ltd)
Tracy Thompson, RHI

Cell: 604-308-0973
Pager: 604-607-9024

Pillar to Post Home Inspection Jim Vestad 604-949-0566

Douville & Co. Home Inspections Ltd. Gary Douville

Tel: 604-626-4887
Cell: 604-309-6782
Fax: 604-857-1637
Other: 1-888-804-2444

Acme Home Inspections Inc.
#55749 Licensed, BC Home Inspector

Paul Sew ph: 778-233-8246

  • Arrange for a notary public or lawyer to handle your conveyancing needs:

You can search the notary public website at Or use a few notary public/lawyers noted below:

Notary Public Name




Nazirah Premji 416 - 604 Columbia Street,
New Westminster, BC V3M 1A5

P: 604-521-8550
F: 604-521-8540

Martin Kastelein  448 Sixth Street,
New Westminster, BC V3L 3B3

William G. Anderson 252-4820 Kingsway
(in Metrotown Mall) 604-434-5936
Rose Miller 104-2849 North Road
(near Lougheed Mall)

Lawyer Name




Edwin Chan
Barrister & Solicitor
#2600-4720 Kingsway,
Burnaby, BC V5H 4N2


FX: 604-648-9615

Stephen Graf and Compan

604 Columbia Street, Suite 480
New Westminster, BC V3M 1A5


Cassady & Company 330-522 Seventh Street
(Uptown New West office) 604-628-6385
Bell Spagnuolo variety of offices
Cobbett & Cotton #300 - 410 Carleton Avenue,
Burnaby, BC V5C 6P6

phone: 604-299-6251,
fax: 604-299-6627

Call Dianne today! 604-526-2888 or toll-free at 1-866-521-5767 for more information.